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    The company is located in a beautiful environment Ramapo Xuzhou Industrial Park, since the establishment of the company in 1985, Products Distribution Company has already developed into a glass, deep processing of a large amount of glass products, Glass technology integration services to the industrial companies.     
    Modern standards at the company's plant in Xuzhou City Ramapo Town Economic Development Zone, covers 3.0000 square meters. Xuzhou exclusive production and processing in automatic test equipment and cleaning equipment, advanced automated production line ranks. advanced technology, the largest, highest quality and specifications complete, and wholly-owned export-oriented income-generating enterprises. In only about 100,000 a day. Since its establishment, gradually develop and introduce glass technology, trade, technology and other aspects of the network professionals. Fixed staff of more than 1,600 existing companies, 15 of them have senior titles. Intermediate titles and 46 staff, professional staff Quality 8000. ISIO90002 managed in strict accordance with the quality management system. Guided by the market, forming a sales, service and marketing information feedback - one pattern. Domestic exports Japan, the United States, Germany, Malaysia, Russia and other countries in the region.    
    I products are : bottle, beverage bottles, perfume bottles, pickle bottles, cans bottles, beverage bottles, a bottle of honey, infusion bottle. Coffee bottles, health bottles, milk bottles, glass, glass, glass cuts, the largest bottles. the smallest bottle over 1,000 varieties of more than 30 series, and customers can sample Roasting Color, lettering and other deep-processing. The corporation has automatic injection molding machine to produce various versions of the steel lid and the plastic lid, are : 38#. 43#,53#,58#,63#,70#,82#. And the strength of the mold production workshop, in the shortest possible time for the customization of high-quality, high-standard mold. Development of new products 7-15 days out products, agents can Towing (motor vehicles, the traveling container, wagon)
     You have only to a tight to a telephone or fax or mail, there will be a satisfactory answer! If you have to inspect my company, my company car escort row!
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